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[SOLVED] Specify in which step the Test was failed

It would be great to have In the test message notification, the step # a test has been failed.

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Hi Liron, 

We have discussed this with the team and they have the following feedback to share:

Even if the step number for which the test case is failed is shown in the email notification, it doesn't seem to add much value to the notification email. The user will anyway have to log into the tool to correct the error(if the error is unexpected and needs to be corrected).

Also, when the user logs in, it is quite easy to locate the failed step in test results with a simple scroll down due to the colour scheming of the failed step in the Test Results page as shown below:


Let us know if there are any other reasons due to which the feature would be helpful!

Thanks and Regards,
Team Testsigma

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