Usage of Custom Fields is almost the same in case of Project, Application, Version, Test Case, and Test Steps. So, we will explain Custom Field usage with Projects and the same is applicable for all the mentioned entities.


You can navigate to the Custom Fields interface by going through:

Configuration > Custom Fields

Note: You can Edit or Delete the Custom Fields from the Custom Fields page under Configuration Menu.

Create Custom Fields

Click on Create button to open the Create Custom Fields page. In the Create Custom Fields page, enter the following values:

  • Name: Enter a name of the Custom Field
  • Description: Enter a meaningful Description for the Custom field
  • Type: Enter the type of value to be entered in the field
  • Entity: Enter the Entity for which the Field needs to be available

After entering all the required information, click on Create button to add the Custom Field. Once the Custom Field is created, it will be available in the Create Page for the specified Entity.

For Example, Here's a sample for Custom Field created for Project Members 'Team count':

This one will be available for usage in Create Project Page for all the Project Creations.

Usage of Custom Field

1. In Create Project page, Click on Custom Fields drop-down to get list of available custom fields for Project Entity.

2. Select 'Team Count' Custom Field from drop-down list to add it to Create Project page.

3. Repeat the same steps if you want to add more Custom Fields.

4. Type desired value in Custom Field created now. In this case, enter the desired value in the 'Team Count' field

5. Proceed as normal to enter the values in the other fields for creating the Project and click on Create.

Now, you can see the new Custom Field in the Project details page.