You can navigate to the Copy UI Identifiers page by going through:

Test Development > UI Identifiers

The Landing page looks as shown below:

Check this article to know more about Importing UI Identifiers - How to Import UI Identifiers?

Clicking on the Export button exports the UI Identifiers to a Spreadsheet file that can be imported into Testsigma at a later stage.

Check this article to know more about creating UI Identifiers - How to create UI Identifier?

Click on the Copy from other Version button on the top right corner of the UI Identifiers page to open the Copy UI Identifiers page.

Copy UI Identifiers page would appear as shown below:

Select Version to copy: Select the Source Version from which UI Identifiers are to be copied to the currently selected Destination Version

If there are duplicates i.e. UI Identifiers with the same name are present in the source version and destination version, we can choose to:

  • either update the destination UI Identifier with the source UI Identifier by selecting the checkbox beside the UI Identifier name.
  • or ignore changes to the destination UI Identifier by unselecting the checkbox

The non-conflicting UI identifiers are shown below and you can select the checkbox for the UI Identifiers you want to copy.

After selecting the required ones, click on Copy button to copy the selected UI Identifiers. You can see the success notification and you will be taken to the UI Identifiers page where you can see the newly copied UI Identifiers along with the old ones.

Please note that UI Identifiers can only be copied between Versions within an Application Type as of now. If you would like to copy the UI Identifiers to other Application Types(copy from a Web Application to a Mobile Web Application), you can export it from one Application and then Import it in the other Application.

Happy Automation Testing!