Test Development > Test Data

We will be taken to the Test Data Profile by clicking on Test Data menu item on the left navigation pane.

Import Test Data Profile

The input excel file needs to follow some formatting standards to avoid invalid data import. Please download the Import File Template on the Import Test Data Profile page and populate it with your input data.

To create a new Test Data Profile by importing from an Excel file, click on +Create button on the Test Data Profile Page. We would be taken to Create Test Data Profile page.

  1. First of all, select the Import Test Data Profile radio button and the page changes to Import Test Data Profile page as shown below:
  2. Next, enter the name and click on Choose file button to select the Excel file from which data needs to be imported.

  3. Finally, click on Upload button to import the Test Data from the selected file. If the uploaded file complies with the format of the Import File Template, we would get a success notification for test Data Profile creation and we are taken to Test Case Profile Details page for the created Test Data Profile.