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If you are trying to integrate BrowserStack with Testsigma for first time, you will get the following page:

 If you have already integrated integrated BrowserStack, you will find a landing page with the options Cancel, Edit, and Delete.

  • Click on +Add button to add integrate BrowserStack and follow the Add BrowserStack Integration section below in this article.
  • Click on Edit icon to do edit your existing BrowserStack integration and follow Edit BrowserStack Integration section below in this article.
  • Click on Delete icon and confirm the action to remove your integration.

How to get username and Access Key from BrowserStack?

After logging into BrowserStack, go to

There you will find the Username and Access Key in left content pane. Click on Show+ link to reveal the username and access key with copy option as shown below:

Add BrowserStack integration

In Testsigma BrowserStack Integration page, enter the following details.

  • Username: Enter BrowserStack Username
  • Access Key: Enter the Access Key copied from BrowserStack page in above step.
  • Confirm Access Key: Re-Enter the Access Key to confirm

After entering the required information, the page will look like given below:

Click on Create button to add the Integration. A success message notification shows the message "BrowserStack integration is successfully configured"

How to use BrowserStack in Execution?

Go to Create Execution page and click on Execution Model to display available Execution Models.

Edit BrowserStack Integration

Edit the following fields in edit BrowserStack integration.


14. Click on update button to continue changes.