Running a Test on Cloud Execution Environments such as Testsigma labs, BrowserStack and Sauce Labs in Testsigma is very much similar. The only difference is in selecting the Execution Model while creating the Execution.

Linking the Accounts

Testsigma Labs is automatically linked to your account and you can simply start using them in your Executions without any additional configurations.

For linking your BrowserStack and Sauce Labs account with Testsigma, you just need to add your login credentials under the respective plugin by navigating to

Configuration > Plugins

Please check this article for more details on linking BrowserStack and Sauce Labs accounts - How to configure 3rd Party Cloud Environments like BrowserStack and Sauce Labs?

Using the Environments

Create Test Cases for your Application and proceed on to creating an Execution after creating a Test Suite.

Once the accounts are linked, you can simply select them in Execution Model in the Create Execution page as shown below:

Once the Execution Model is selected, you can create an Execution configuration for that particular Execution Model by clicking on the Create Execution Configuration button.

In the Execution Configuration, you select the Environment in which you need the Tests to run i.e Operating System, OS Version, Browser, Browser Version e.t.c. It's that easy as selecting the device you want from the available list of devices.

However, if you prefer to execute Tests on your local devices, you can use the Hybrid option.

That's all we need to do for executing Tests on Cloud environments such as Testsigma Labs, Sauce Labs, and BrowserStack.