Configuration > Plugins > Sauce Labs

If you are trying to integrate Sauce Labs plugin for the first time in your Account, the following page shows up with the Add button.

Click on Add button to integrate Sauce Labs and follow the Add Sauce Labs Integration section below in this article.

Add Sauce Labs Integration

Enter the following values in Add Sauce Labs Integration page.

  • Username: Enter the Sauce Labs username.
  • Access KeyEnter the Sauce Labs Access Key.
  • Confirm Access Key: Re-enter the Sauce Labs Access Key.

Click on Create button to add the Integration. The Sauce Labs plugin page loads up as shown below:

Click on Edit icon to edit your existing Sauce Labs integration and follow Edit Integration section below in this article.

Click on Delete icon to remove your integration.

How to get Username and Access key from Sauce Labs?

After logging into Sauce Labs, you will get username on top of the page.

1. Click on User menu at the top right corner and select My Account from the drop-down. The Page redirects to My Account page and Username will be available on the top left bar on the My Account page.

2. Scroll down to locate the Access Key section under which the Access key will be shown. Click on copy button to copy the Access key.

How to use Sauce Labs in execution?

In Create Execution page, click on Test Lab Type drop-down and select Sauce Labs as shown below:

Edit Sauce Labs Integration

Click on Edit button to open Edit Sauce Labs Integration page. Update the details and click on Update button to continue changes.

Delete Sauce Labs Integration

Click on Delete button and confirm the deletion.