Before assigning users to existing projects, you need to add Users to your account first. For more details on adding users to your account, please check below guide:

How to Manage Users

Assigning users to the existing Projects

Switch to the Project where you want to make changes and navigate as follows:

Navigation: Project Settings > Project Members


1. Select the user that you want to add to this project from the Users list and select the Role that you want to assign him in the Current Project in the Role list as shown below:

Note: Adding users to current project allows you to set them as assignee during creation of test cases.

2. Click on the Assign button to Assign the user. The user will now be added to the Project Members list.

Deleting Project Members

To delete/remove the already added Project Members from the current Project, click on the Delete(trash) button on the right edge to the Username in the Project Members list.

Note: Deleting the user from this list only removes him/her from the current Project and not from the Account.

Info: If you want to edit the Role for a Project Member, delete him from the Project and then add him again with the required role.