For managing our local machines used for Hybrid Execution, we can use the Agent page in Configurations.

We can navigate to the Agent page by going through:

Configuration > Agent

  • If you have already added Agent, your Agent page will look as shown above.
  • If you have not added Agent check this document on how to add Agent

Edit System

  • Clicking on the Edit icon beside the Agent, on the right:

  • After clicking on that you can change the Agent name and visibility:

  • once you have made the necessary changes click on update

Delete System

Clicking on the Delete icon beside the Agent name in the Agent page opens up a confirmation dialog click ok and the Agent will be deleted.

Foot Notes

If you are executing Tests on Real mobile device connected to your local machine using Appium Server, use the Host name and Port as given on the Testsigma Agent page and select 'Android' or 'iOS' as Platform.

Please check following article for a detailed guide on setting up your mobile device for Hybrid Execution - 

How to execute native Android Application tests in Hybrid Model?

How to execute native iOS Application tests in Hybrid Model?

For more details on usage of System in Execution Configurations(Create Run or Test Environment), please refer the following guide - How to use the system in execution configuration?