Integrating your Test Results with third party Project Management tools like Atlassian Jira or Bugzilla right in the Testing tool will boost the productivity and reduce the workload considerably. Testsigma provides third party plugin integrations for scenarios just like this. We will discuss about integrating Jira into Testsigma platform and performing bug reporting right from the Test Results page in this article.

Testsigma provides an easy to use interface to integrate your Test Reports and report bugs right inside the tool. We need to perform only 2 steps to start bug reporting and they are as follows:

(I) Add an Integration to Atlassian Jira in Testsigma Plugins Interface.

(II) Report the Bug for the failed Test Results after performing Tests.

(I) Integrating with Jira Account

Navigation: Configuration > Plugins

1. Once we are in the Plugins page, you can see an array of available Plugins. Click on the Atlassian plugin on top left corner to integrate your Atlassian Account with Testsigma:

2. Clicking on the Atlassian link takes us to the JIRA Integration page. If an Atlassian account is already added, you can see it here. Click on the Edit icon to Edit the Integration details and Delete icon to delete the Integration.

3. If Atlassian account is not added yet, you can see a Create button and a message notifying that JIRA is not integrated yet. Click on the Create button to open the Create JIRA Integration page.

4. In the Create JIRA integration page, enter the following details

URL: Enter the Atlassian account URL of your company.

For example,

Note: Please make sure that you enter the complete URL i.e including the https:// part

Username: Enter the email ID of your Atlassian account.

Password: Enter the generated token from JIRA Tokens page. Please check the below article for a guide on generating API Token:

Generation API Token - Atlassian JIRA

Confirm Password: Confirm the token.

Please refer the below image for sample data:

5. Once all the details are entered, click on the Create button to add the Integration. Your Atlassian account has been added successfully and you will get a success notification.

(II) Reporting Bug from Test Results page

Navigation: Test Development > Run Results

Assuming that your Test Execution is complete, we can go to the Test Results page to inspect the Reports.

1. Click on the Execution Name and we will be taken to the Run Results for that Execution as shown below:

2. After that, click on the Run ID to navigate to the Test Case Results page.

3. Check the status of Individual Test Cases and select one of the failed Test Case(if any) to inspect the cause of failure. Given below is a sample Test Case that was aborted by the User:

4. Navigate deep into the Test Step Results page to identify the Issue. Once the Issue is identified, we can report the Bug.

5. On the same Test Step Results page, click on the Report Bug button on the top right corner.

6. The Report Bug to JIRA page opens up as shown below:

Note: Some sample data has been entered in the above image for your convenience.

7. Select the Project, Issue Type, enter Summary, and Description for the Bug and click on Create to Report the Bug to JIRA.

Now, if you log into your JIRA Account, you can see that the same has been updated in Atlassian account as shown below:

That's all we need to do to Report a Bug from our Test Results page in Testsigma.

Welcome to the era of Smart Test Automation!