Change the password

If you simply want to change your Testsigma Account password and you know the current password, It is quite easy. You just need to log in and change the password by going to the Change password link under Configurations.

Configurations > Change Password

1. Click on the Configurations icon on the left navigation pane. You will be taken to the Users page by default.

2. Click on the Change Password link on the left context pane to open the Change password page

3. Enter your new password in the New password and Confirm password fields and click Update.

Reset forgotten password

1. On the Testsigma login page, click on the Forgot password link.

2. In the next page, enter your Testsigma Account email address and click on Send Reset Link.

3. You will get notified that a Password reset link has been sent to your email address.

4. Open your email and click on the Reset link. You will be taken to Testsigma Password reset page.

5. Enter your new password, confirm it once and click on Reset Password

Your password has been reset. You can login with the new password now.

Happy Automation Testing!