Greetings from Testsigma! We, at Testsigma, are delighted to have you here with us on our journey towards #SmartTestAutomation.

Logging into your Testsigma Account for the first time, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. Clicking on the Test Development icon(second icon on the navigation panel) takes you to the Test Development page.

Steps to create your First Test Case and executing it:

1. First, click on Test Development. You will be taken to the Test Cases page.

2. Click on Create Test Case.

You will be taken to the Create Test Case page where you can enter the Test Case details as shown below:

3. Enter the details and click on Create. You will be taken to the Test Case details page.

4. Enter the valid URL of the Application you want to test and click on Start. Let us enter

The first step to navigate to the Application has been added for your automatically. As you can see, the steps are in Simple English. You can also see various Controls for the current Test Case on the top right corner and for the Test Step on the right edge.

Please check the below article to know how to add more Test Steps - How to add / edit / delete Test Steps for Automated Test Cases?

5. Let us try running this Test Case now. Click on the 'Run' button on the top right corner to open the Dry Run page where we can select the environment in which we need to run the Test Cases.

There's no need to change any of the options now.

Note: You may select the 'All Steps' option under 'Capture Screenshots' to see the screenshot for the Test Steps.

6. Just click on 'Create and Run' button now to start the execution. The Test Execution has been started and you will be taken to the Execution Results page as shown below:

Wait for a few seconds to get the updated result as shown below :

That's it. You have successfully run your first Test on Testsigma.

This is just a beginning in your journey of effortless and Smart Test Automation. Testsigma is capable of handling any level of Complex functions since it is not limited by the Record and Playback approach.

Also, our All-star Technical Team will be more than happy to assist you in case you have issues. You can get in touch with us using the Instant chat or mailing us on

To conclude,

Welcome to the #SmartTestAutomation journey with Testsigma!

Happy Automation Testing!