Desired Capabilities are a set of properties used for customizing the Test Environment. The customization include adding Browser Extensions to Automation Session, setting Geographical location for the test machine, bypassing Browser Alerts e.t.c.

Desired Capabilities are added while selecting the Test Environment in Testsigma. Here's a list of sample Desired Capabilities available in Testsigma: Sample Desired Capabilities

Let us see how we can add these capabilities to Dry Run, Quick Run and Normal Execution.

1. Desired Capabilities in Dry Run

Navigation: Test Development > Test Cases

Selecting a Test Case from the Test Cases page will take us to the Test Case details page. Creating a Dry Run by clicking on the Run button from the Test Case Details page opens the below Create Run Overlay page:

2. Desired Capabilities in Normal Execution

Navigation: Test Development > Test plan

Clicking on the Create Button in the Executions page opens the Create Execution page. In that page, click on the Select Test Plan button to add a Test Environment to the current Execution.

Select Test Environment Overlay will look as given below:

Desired Capabilities are entered as Key : Value pairs. Enter the details for Desired Capabilities as specified below:

Name: Enter the name of the capability.

Data Type: The data type of the value of the specific Desired Capability.

Value: The value of the Desired Capability.

For example, we can add an extension or a set of extensions to the Automation Session by using the extensions Capability.

NameData TypeValue

For a single extension, use the form:

Please note that the path_to_extension is path to the crx or zip file of the extension.

Available Capabilities

Here's are the links to some of the available Capabilities:

Desired Capabilities in Selenium | Appium Desired Capabilities | Capabilities & ChromeOptions

Please check the below guide for a walk-through on adding Chrome Extension as capability - How to add Chrome Extension to a session using Desired Capabilities

Happy Test Automation!