Most common reasons for failure of the Goto test data statement in Testsigma are a given below:

1. Improper URL: Check whether the URL is complete and has a prefix(protocol) such as http://, https://, ftp:// e.t.c

2. Page load Timeout: Check whether the web page is taking more time to load than the defined page load timeout duration.

Your application might sometimes take more time than usual for the page load to complete. Testsigma has Implicit waits for pages that waits for the page to load before continuing with further Test Steps. If the page doesn't load within that time, an error is thrown and the Step fails.

The Page load Timeout configuration is in Execution Configurations page and the default page load timeout is 30 seconds.

3. Inaccesible/Private URL: Check whether the URL you entered is private to your network or public(www).

Applications that are hosted in your local environment for development are usually not accessible from the internet or outside the Local network. Therefore, Testsigma Labs cannot access these Applications for testing since Testsigma Labs is a cloud environment. For testing these applications, we need to use Hybrid Executions.

Please check the below guide for more information on Hybrid Executions for local Application Testing - How to Create a Hybrid Execution for running Tests on Local Machine?