Page load Timeout failures usually occur in the following scenarios:

1. Webpage with Basic Authentication

An alert window from the browser with a login form for Basic authentication.

Since these alerts come from Web Browsers and they are above the scope of Web pages, Test Automation Frameworks like Selenium can't access them easily. Though we can use AutoIt or Robot Class to handle these alerts, they add another layer of complexity to your Test Scripts. Testsigma has created an easy solution by using its Custom Functions feature -

How to create and use Custom Functions in Testsigma?


2. Local Web Application

The Web page you are trying to access/test is on a 

  • private local network(company LAN) or deployed on your local development Server
  • behind a firewall that restricts incoming connections from Testsigma Server or any external server

This essentially means that your Application under Test(AUT) is isolated and only your machine or machines on the same LAN can access the AUT. Therefore, Cloud Execution Models such as Testsigma Labs or Sauce Labs won't work. This might be a requirement for highly confidential applications and this is the reason we have devised Testsigma Hybrid Executions. More details - What are the Execution Models available to execute tests in Testsigma?

3. Page not available, Page not found or Server timed out

This is one of the most common causes of Page load errors. The Page or the Web Server hosting it might be down. You need to contact your System Adminstrator or Developers to fix this as soon as possible if this is a Production server.