Sometimes, Chrome flags your downloads as unsafe on the basis of the file name checksum (sha256 hash) or the Download URL. In most cases, this might provide some additional security. However, there are some scenarios when these prompts appear also for your files that you are confident about the safety.

While automating Test Cases with such flagged downloads, we can't generally handle the Unsafe download prompt using Selenium or similar Automation Frameworks. The reason for this is that the Browser prompts are above the scope of the webpage and Selenium can handle only Web page content and a restrictive list of Browser alerts.

However, there is a workaround for this issue and that is to enable the Safe Browsing option using CLI arguments for Chrome.

Testsigma allows to add this argument to your Tests using Desired Capabilities in Execution Configuration. Let us see how it's done. Please check the below article for more details on adding Desired Capabilities - How to use Desired Capabilities in Testsigma?

Adding the Capability

NameData TypeValue

Add the above Desired Capability in your Execution that contains the Test Step for clicking on the Download link.

Once added, the Desired Capability in the Execution Configuration will look like given below: