Occassionally, while using IE Browser for your Hybrid Executions, you might face issues with the entering of text being very slow i.e there is significant delay between keystrokes in text entry.


This is a known issue with the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer Driver executable.


You can fix this issue by replacing the 64 bit variant of the corresponding version of the 'IEDriverServer.exe' file with the 32 bit variant for the same driver version. You can download the respective files from the Selenium releases repository.

For example, if you are using 64 bit variant of version 2.53 IEDriverServer.exe, download the 32 bit variant of the same 2.53 version of IEDriverServer.exe and replace the 64 bit file. That would fix your issue. If the issues still persists, reset your InternetExplorer settings and restart your PC once before trying the same procedure again.