Dry Runs for Test Cases with Prerequisites

Dry Runs are used to verify the correctness of the Test Steps in a Test Case before finalizing the Test Cases for deployment.

Since Dry Runs are designed to run a single Test Case, we won't be able to perform Dry Run on Test Cases with another Test Case as prerequisite. You will see the following warning if you try to perform Dry Run on a Test Case with a prerequisite:

"Dry run not allowed for Test Cases with prerequisites. Please Edit the Test Case and remove the 'Prerequisite' temporarily to perform a Dry Run."


The easiest way would be edit the Test Case, change the Prerequisite to 'None' and then try Dry Run again if the second Test Case can execute alone.

However, in most cases, this is not possible for Test Cases that are closely coupled(interdependent). Let us explain with an example.

Suppose, there are two Test Cases - TC1 - Login & TC2 - Add User

In this case, Test Case TC2 - Add User can be run only after the first TC1 - Login is executed. This is an example of highly Coupled and interdependant Test Cases. So, we cannot use the above proposed solution.

So, we have the following two solutions:

1. Make the first Test Case as a Step Group and add it to the beginning of second Test Case

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2. Add the two Test Cases to a Test Suite and create an Execution to run it.

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