Random Test Data is one of the Test Data types present in Testsigma along with other types such as Global Parameter, Function Parameter, and Parameter Test Data.

More details about Test Data Types is available in this article - What are the different types of test data supported in Testsigma?

Random Test Data can be used to generate random values for usage in the Test Case execution.

  • It returns an alphanumeric block of data when invoked within a Test Case.
  • The Random data is invoked by using the ~|Random| format where ~|Random| is replaced by an integer value 1-256 which gets replaced by an alphanumeric character of the specified length during Test Case Execution.

            For example, ~|25| is replaced by a 25 character long alphanumeric string while execution.

Example Use Case Scenario:

An alphanumeric string of N random characters is supplied by Testsigma when it sees ~|N| in place of test data in the Test Step.

Info: In the above image, we are using random Test Data to enter a random 25 digit alphanumeric string in the Wikipedia search box.