Account Administrator: The email address of a particular domain( that is used first at the time of creating an account with Testsigma. By default, this email address holder becomes the one and only Account Administrator of this domain account in Testsigma.

The Account Administrator has full access to every feature of Testsigma. Only the account administrator has access to features such as the billing, edit account details, delete the account features.

Enabling the Account Administrator Access for another User  

Enabling Account Admin access can only be done by an Account administrator.

Login to the Account Administrator’s account and from the Testsigma’s Dashboard page navigate to Users page. Refer add/edit/delete User to see how to add a new User to your Testsigma account.

Click on the Configuration icon which takes you to the Actions page. From the Actions page menu, click on Users.


As you can see in the image, there are 2 Users, 'test1' who is already the Account Administrator and 'testm who is just a User with restricted access.

Let us now see how we can also make/add 'testm' the Account Administrator.

Click on the Edit button of the User, ‘testm’. In the Edit User Details page, check the Super Administrator checkbox and also tick the Account Administrator box. Now, click Update.

Now, there are 2 Account Administrators, ‘test1’ and ‘testm’.

Revoking the Account Administrator Access of any one User

If you want to make the new Account Admin as the only Account Admin for your account in Testsigma, you need to log in from the newly added Account Admin’s account.

To do this, go to  Edit User Details of the old/first Account Admin, uncheck the Account Administrator checkbox and click Update.


Also, note that the "current"' Account Administrator(s) can add as many Account Administrators as required.