You can configure Testsigma to allow Google Single Sign-On(SSO) for your team members. This way, they do not have to use separate login for Testsigma if they already have SSO configured in the organization. The authentication of the user is done by Google.

Let us see how we can set up Google SSO in the below article.

Enabling SSO in Testsigma

Navigation: Configuration > Security

The security page looks as shown below:

1. Click on the Set up button to open the Identity Provider selection menu.

You can see two options in the Identity Provider selection menu that opens up. We need to select the first one i.e Google.

If you are currently logged into your GSuite Account, Skip to step 3.

If you are not, this option would be disabled as shown below:

2. Please click on the link Click here to login into Google to log into Google. A new tab or window would open up to authenticate your google account. Log into your google account and return back to the Testsigma page.

3. Google option would be enabled now. Select it and click on Confirm.

That's all we need to do to enable Google SSO if your Testsigma Account login is integrated to GSuite and you are already logged into your GSuite account. This will enable the Google SSO for Testsigma and the next time you are logging in, you can use the Google SSO login for logging into Testsigma.