Differences of Agent V2(1.9.19) compared to the old Agent v1(1.9.18)

There have been a number of considerable upgrades in the newest Agent version. Here's a highlight of the main changes:

1. 'Systems' have changed to 'Agents'

The first and foremost change you will notice is the change in UI. The name 'Systems' has been replaced with 'Agents'. We will justify the reasons for this change in the below sections.

2. Avoiding Duplication

Previously, anyone could add a System just by giving the details such as System name, IP, Port, Operating System. No validation was done from the application to confirm if that is an actual machine or not. So, many stale and duplicate entries were also there on the Configuration > Systems page.

3. Removal of Duplicate and Stale Systems

During the upgrade to new Agent, all the stale and duplicate entries are removed. Only the Systems that had actual agents running and communicating with TS Server are retained. That’s why there are many missing machines during the recent Upgrade.

Also, if the System you were using in a Test Plan or Dry Run was a duplicate of another machine, the duplicates will be missing now. This is a one-time change and we certainly hope this would avoid duplication of machines going forward.

4. Validation before adding Agent

Now the Agent needs to be running on a machine for that to be added newly to the Agents page. All the Agents shown in Agents page are actual agents that were running in some machine during the course of the last two months.