Before you begin this chapter we would expect you to complete the previous chapters i.e. “Testsigma Sample Application”, “Create a Project”, Create UI Identifiers, and Run Test Case if you have not completed yet.

In this chapter, you will learn how to run the Test Case for the Testsigma Sample Application that you have created in the previous chapter.

To run the test case you need a test machine with the desired configuration. With Testsigma you will be able to run your test cases in one of the following Test Labs/ Device Vendors.

Click here to learn more about the Test Lab types available in Testsigma.

In this chapter, you will learn how to run tests in a test machine from Testsigma Lab, which is a test lab on the cloud with 700+ unique test machine configurations with a unique operating system, browser, version, and resolution combinations.

Also, in this chapter, you will learn how to run one test case at a time, which is still under development. You may learn more about Test Suites, Test Plans to run many test cases together with different conditions and plans in those chapters if you are interested.

Run Test Case:

1.Click on Run Test case :

2. Create a run window will appear where you can select your preferred Test Lab Type, OS Version(Android), Device Name.

Enabling Capture screenshot for all steps will help in debugging any errors that may occur in the test case. 

Use the uploaded apk file and click on create and run as shown in the below screenshot :

3. Once you run the test case you will be directed to the Test case results Page :

You can even watch videos of the executions and check out the screenshots of individual steps:

In case of any error while running the test, it can be easily debugged using the screenshots/videos and the message which is being displayed for each step below priority.

Once the test is fixed you can rerun the same test using the same old configuration from these two places.

  1. From Results Page

  2. From Test Case Details, Run History

Refer this link to learn more about how to debug and fix test case failures.