In this chapter, we will discuss a sample scenario in Testsigma's sample application, which we are going to automate in this tutorial.

For this tutorial, we will learn to automate a simple login on "Wordpress". Download the Wordpress IPA here.

Sample Scenario

We would learn how to Launch the application and log in.

Corresponding Test steps will be:

  • Launce the App
  • Tap on Create a WordPress site 
  • Enter email id
  • Enter Username
  • Enter Password
  • Enter Site Address 
  • Tap Create Account

Below, is an image of the WordPress IOS Native App:

In Testsigma these test steps are written in plain English making it easy for anyone to read and write.

You will learn how in the upcoming chapters.


Introduction to Testsigma’s simple English based approach

Testsigma simplifies test case creation while providing advanced features to tune tests for the most complex scenarios. Testsigma offers scalable execution on real devices, and reduces tedious maintenance work, and lets you analyze test case failures easily.

For any application type, test steps are created using an NLP based approach that is easy and well suitable for the most complex interfaces.

Read the next chapter or go to chapter 4 to set up a new project in Testsigma and start automating the above-discussed test scenario using simple English.

Chapter 2: Mobile Inspector setup