In this chapter, we will learn how to run the test case that we created in Chapter 6: Create Test Case. 

But before we begin, please make sure that you have gone through the previous chapters 1 through 5 i.e. “Testsigma Sample Application”, “Create a Project”, “Create UI Identifiers” and “Create Test Case”.

To run a test case, you will need a test machine. Testsigma allows you to run a test case on one of the following Test Labs/Device Vendors:

  1. Testsigma Lab

  2. Local Machines

  3. BrowserStack

  4. Sauce Labs

  5. Private Grid

To know more about these test lab types, read What are the Test Lab Types available to execute tests in Testsigma?

You can configure your local machine as your test machine and run your test case there. For this approach, refer to the document Quick setup guide - Setup TestSigma Agent for Hybrid Test Execution(Windows/Mac/Linux). In this chapter, we will run the test on a test machine from Testsigma Lab, which is a test lab on the cloud with 700+ unique test machine configurations with a unique operating system, browser, version, and resolution combinations. 

Steps to run the test case

  1. Login to your Testsigma account.

       2. On the dashboard, go to the “Test Development” section and click on it.

  1. On the Test Cases page that opens, click on the test case you created.

  1. Once the Test case is open, the page should look something like this:

     5. Click on the ‘Run Test Case’ button on the top right corner of the test case. The below window should appear:

  • Select the OS version, Device name, click on Use Uploads, and select the app that you uploaded from the list of applications.
  •   Click on Create and Run to start the Testcase 

6. Once you run the test case you will be directed to the Test case results Page :

We ran one test case at one time in this chapter. To trigger the execution of many test cases at one time, you can learn about Test Suites, Test Plans.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the getting started tutorial!

Go to the next chapter to learn more about how to Debug and fix the test case failures.

You may now start exploring the other features in Testsigma, we recommend you to go through the same order that we have maintained in this portal menu section.