Once you start actively automating Tests and run those Test Cases, you will face some errors due to either incorrect usage or random Application Behaviour.

The former can be rectified with some help from the Support team. Here are some of the common failures in Testsigma and how we debug them.

Action-related Errors

Most Common causes for Click/Tap NLP failure

Most Common errors-Appium-specific

Most common causes for Page load Timeout issues in Testsigma

Most common causes for Text Verification Errors in Testsigma - Verify, Click, Wait for, or Scroll to Element

For Action-related Errors, you will find the reason for the error and ways to fix the error in the Failed Step Error message. If that's not clear, feel free to contact the Support team.

UI Identifiers(element locator) related Errors

Most common issues caused when using NLP locators like title, placeholder, label, Index, and Text

Most common issues caused when using UI Identifiers

For UI Identifier related errors, you will get the below two Actions in the failed step:

In this case, you can just click on Fix UI Identifier and try to see the element captured using Appium is correct or not. After re-capturing you can update the Identifier and re-run the Testcase.

Once the test is fixed you can rerun the same test using the same old configuration.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the getting started tutorial!

You may now start exploring the other features in Testsigma, we recommend you to go through the same order that we have maintained in this portal menu section.