Next Steps for moving ahead with Testsigma:

  1. How to use Chrome Extension for Advanced element actions 

  2. How to create UI Identifiers Manually 

  3. How to create UI Identifiers with runtime data and parameter type test data 

  4. Learn how to add REST Steps in between for end to end testing 

  5. Create Reusable Components, Step Groups 

  6. How to create Data Profiles 

  7. How to create Data-Driven Testing 

  8. Explore Test Step Advanced Options, conditional if, for loop, etc.. 

  9. Test Suites 

  10. Test Plans 

  11. CI/CD Integrations 

  12. Integrate with Bug reporting tools 

  13. Integration with collaboration tools

There are more than this list. These are some of the important steps that we recommend before you explore further!