1. What is Testsigma Agent?

Testsigma Agent is a small Java utility that is used to run tests on local devices(instead of using Testsigma cloud devices) using Testsigma.

It consists of:

  • Java JRE - bundled with Agent so that user doesn't have to install Java separately.
  • Web Browser drivers - for running tests on Web Browsers. Provided by the respective Browser Developers
  • Appium - for running Mobile tests
  • Mobile Inspector - for inspecting Mobile Apps and finding elements on Screens to interact with
  • Android + iOS specific libraries for Mobile Inspector

Along with a few other utilities for enabling local test execution and reporting.


  • It needs to be installed on the test machine where the tests need to be executed.
  • It communicates exclusively with Testsigma Server and works in a pull model i.e it doesn't accept incoming communication for security reasons.

2. Why do we need Testsigma Agent?

Two main uses of Testsigma Agent:

1. To run tests in local devices:

The Corporate Firewall in Company's private Network where the Applications are deployed doesn't allow outside communication. Therefore, Testsigma cloud servers are not able to access those applications for executing tests on them.

Testsigma Agent enables this by residing in one of the test machines in the Company network and act as a middleman relaying communication exclusively between Testsigma Cloud servers and the local test machine via secured HTTPS protocol without opening up the secured network.

With this, we can run tests on customers' own local test machines inside their private network.

2. To use mobile Inspector: 

To automate mobile apps using Testsigma, it needs certain details from the mobile apps, For Ex. to tap on a button, Testsigma needs to know the attributes(id/name/position, etc.) used to create that button. 

Testsigma uses its own Mobile App Inspector to get these details automatically. Through the Agent, once the customer's mobile device(in which the customer app is installed) is connected to the Agent machine, app details will be sent to the Customer's browser and from there the customers can save to Testsigma servers to create tests for the same app.

Testsigma Agent includes all the required files for enabling inspection of mobile Apps to get the element locators(UI Identifiers) to be used in tests.

3. What are the resource requirements for the Testsigma Agent?

Hardware requirements:

Memory: Minimum 2 GB, Recommended 4GB (dedicated memory for the tests)

Disk space: Around 2 GB (Including reserved space for test resources - screenshots, downloaded files e.t.c)

Processor: Dual-Core Processor or better

4. How does the Testsigma cloud server communicate with the Testsigma Local Agent?

We have taken the utmost care to avoid unnecessary concerns regarding Testsigma Agent Communication. The Agent is a simple java utility that communicates exclusively with Testsigma Server.

The Agent communicates in a pull model; the Testsigma Cloud server does not push any data without a request from the Agent side. The Agent queries the Testsigma Cloud Server for the Test related details and gets the required data as the response from the Cloud server.

Therefore, it does not need to whitelist any IPs. However, you might need to allow the outgoing connection through the secure 443 port to ‘*’ for the agent to communicate with the Testsigma Cloud Server.