V1.9.22 Release Notes - June 14, 2020


Feature Updates

1. REST Step Revamp(beta)

- Introduced a SEND button to check the response in real-time before creating the step.

- Added support for more Authentication Schemes.

- And some UX changes..


2. Manual Testing Workflow - UX Improvements

We heard you! As per the feedback from one of our esteemed clients, we have made the Manual Test Execution workflow much simpler.

Earlier, you had to change the status for Test Steps, Test Cases, Test Suites and Test Environments manually in that order. 

Now, you only need to update the Test Steps for Test Cases alone and the rest will be updated automatically by us. Less work for you!

- Update the status for Test Steps only and this will update all parent entity statuses accordingly. Avoids manual update at parent levels(Test Case, Test Suite, and Test Environment level)

- Force update of child-level status by updating Parent level status - Updating Test Environment status changes status of all Test Suites within that. Same for Test Suites and Test Cases.

- Start/End time can be updated now.


3. Step Group Changes

- Step Groups details page shows list of parent Test Cases - 

- Test Cases containing Step Groups shows a direct link to those Step Groups now.


4. Saved Run Configurations

- Save your favourite Run Configurations to select them easily from a saved list instead of creating them every time.


5. Test Suite details

Test Suite details page now shows its parent Test Plans.


6. Multiple runtime variable translation in UI Identifiers

Only the first runtime variable was translated in UI Identifiers till now. Now this supports multiple runtime variables.

7. Test case and UI Identifier list Search is back again!

As part of our infrastructure changes, we had to disable the Search functionality for Test Cases and UI Identifiers for some time. Apologies for that. We have re-enabled it now.

8. Agent Installer(alpha)

Agent Installation made easier. Single Click installers for Testsigma Hybrid Agent installation. This change is only available to a limited few until next release.

9. More Test Environments

Added support for Chrome 83 in Hybrid Execution, and Firefox 77 is Testsigma Lab

Bug Fixes

  • Test Execution Video is taking time to load for Mobile Web Test cases - Video fetch intervals have been shortened now.
  • NLP - Click on UI identifier until text test data is visible - has been reworked upon to rectify the long-running of the NLP and made more efficient.
  • Labels missing in the Edit Test Case window - FIXED
  • Date Selection widget in the Manual Test case - FIXED
  • JSONObject["browser"] not found error message in Android Native - FIXED
  • App slowdown on various pages - IMPROVED
  • Test cases inside a Test Plan getting queued indefinitely - FIXED
  • NLP - Click on the Refresh button in browser - FIXED
  • Failed to load image - Screenshot - FIXED
  • Chrome Recorder - Accessibility id locator type changing to Xpath - FIXED
  • Forgot password link not working - FIXED
  • Edge browser not working correctly in Mac - FIXED
  • Test plans details in the Test suite page - FIXED
  • Hybrid executions - Chrome 82 and 83 not working - FIXED
  • Google Sign in - FIXED

    And a few more minor fixes...