We are rolling out a new update for the Testsigma Agent with a bunch of optimisations under the hood and some changes on top.

Here are some changes you will notice:

1. Tray Icon to indicate the Agent's running status and to stop/restart the agent in single click.

2. Start the Testsigma Agent easily from the Testsigma Agent installation folder in a click.

Start agent using start.bat
Stop agent using System tray icon or stop.bat


Start agent using start.sh
Stop agent using System tray icon or stop.sh

3. Agent now runs on HTTPS by default. Even more security.

4. We switched the web container app from Apache tomcat to Jetty. There will be some changes in the folder organisation which you can safely ignore.

5. Revamped Agent dashboard with optimised look.

The existing agent installation would update to the new version automatically in around 10 minutes depending on the various factors such as download speed.(its around 400 MB including the Java JRE, Web Browser Drivers and Mobile Inspector files).

If you don't see the Tray icon even after 15 minutes, please reinstall the agent using below guide:


Before that, please backup the existing Agent folder mentioned in below article: