Professional Quality Assurance Engineers  and Developers should spend their time testing software, not figuring out how to use tools like the chrome developer tools. 

Most applications are built on UI frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS - which are built on basic HTML elements like div, span, etc. 

Every element on these pages is located by the help of a locator. This locator either searches for the specific element from the root or from a point somewhere in the HTML document. We call the document structure as the Document Object Model(DOM).

Testsigma Chrome Extension enables its users to efficiently find and manage locators and save them to the application for future use. We call these locators as UI identifiers. 

UI Identifiers help us interact with an element on a webpage.

Here are some of the benefits of using Testsigma Chrome Extension:

  • Simplicity : Simple and effective way of finding elements on any application. Record one UI identifier or multiple identifiers at the same time.

  • Quality: Rich functionality to handle web pages created with all UI frameworks (Angular, React, VueJS etc).

  • Usability: Testers of all skill levels and even developers can use Testsigma Chrome Plugin to test their software.

  • Technically Advanced: Testsigma Chrome plugin uses an advanced engine to efficiently devise a locator strategy and maintain it.

Some important points about the Testsigma Chrome Plugin: 

  • Testsigma Chrome Plugin uses Smart Locators for the authoring and execution of tests

  • We scan the entire DOM, extract its elements and score their attributes

  • The extension is an essential component for gaining access to the DOM and is required for authoring new tests by recording user flows

Security Disclaimer

Testsigma Chrome Extension does not track user browsing outside the application and does not collect private information such as IP address and passwords.

We do not alter source code.

Any communication between our client and our servers is performed through a secure connection.

We conform to Chrome's guidelines for extensions.