Testsigma empowers you to run iOS test automation on Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems, without the need for XCode.

Follow the step by step tutorial to understand how to setup the configuration to run a iOS local device test on your machine.



Step 1:

  • For Windows : Click here to install iTunes as a prerequisite -> iTunes is required to identify connected devices and talk to them
  • For Linux : Click here to install usbmuxd -> A socket daemon to multiplex connections from and to iOS devices

Step 2 :

Fetch your Apple's Developer Program Team ID

The first thing you need to do is to provide your Apple’s Developer Program Team ID from Apple's Developer Portal The Team ID is a 10-character string that’s generated by Apple to uniquely identify your team. You can get it by following these steps: 

Click on "Membership" from the left side panel.

Ensure that you have "Apple Developer Program" mentioned under your account as in the screenshot above.

Copy your Team ID

Navigate to Testsigma Account, click on Settings icon as show in the below screenshot.

Now click on the iOS Settings tab. 

Observe the iOS settings. Click on "New Profile"

Enter the name for the Profile and click on Generate. This creates a CERTIFICATE SIGNING REQUEST - CSR.

Click on "Download" to download a file with file type .csr

Navigate to Apple Developer Portal, click on "Certificates, IDs & Profiles

Click on the + Icon

Choose IOS App Development and Click Continue. 

Upload the .csr file and click continue 

Download the certificate

You will be able to see your certificate in the list of certificates.

Now head back to Testsigma Account and upload the recently downloaded certificate.

Navigate back to Apple's Developer Portal. You need to complete the provisioning process. The provisioning profile is used by Apple to list the eligible devices where the driver can be installed.

Click on iOS App development and click continue

Choose the Apple ID and then click continue. 

Select the certificate you created and click continue. 

Select the device and click continue

To add a device, you need the unique ID of the device. Navigate to the Testsigma Agents page. Open a previously run agent and get the Unique ID from the devices tab. 

Enter a meaningful profile name and click Generate.

Download the newly generated provisioning profile.

Navigate to Testsigma , iOS Settings page and upload the recently downloaded provisioning profile. 

You will get a message on Testsigma informing you that the provisioning profile has been created. 

In case there is an issue or an error in creating the provisioning profile, please revisit the above steps or contact Testsigma support.