This article explains how you can troubleshoot issues like "Agent not running".

The Agent is a simple Java utility program that needs to be run using the start.bat file on Windows or with the shell script in Linux or Mac. 

This article assumes that the user has already downloaded the Agent and has run it prior to getting the "Agent not running" issue. 

In case you have not performed the initial setup, please click here to read the setup guide.

Instructions for troubleshooting the Agent

1. Check whether the Agent process is up and running

Windows - Open Task Manager and choose the Processes tab

In the processes tab, check if the Testsigma Agent Java process is visible

Linux / Mac - Run the command "ps -eaf | grep Testsigma" in the terminal. Ifthe Testsigma Agent process is still running, you will be able to see a set of results as in the second screenshot.

Observe the list of processes.

If no results are shown in the processes list or on the terminal, then the Testsigma Agent is not running.