A URL(Uniform Resource Locator) is what helps you identify the web application you are running on the network. 

https://google.com helps us access google search. Similarly, your URL, when typed on the browser address bar of any machine connected to the internet, should lead to your application. This URL would be called a Public URL. 

To understand more about URLs, please read this article.

If your web application is accessible over the internet by the general public and if you have entered the right URL into the Navigate NLP test step, we expect that the URL would be verified by Testsigma servers and you will be able to run automated tests on the cloud device farms like Saucelabs and BrowserStack.

Testsigma cannot access your URL during the following situations:

  • If there is an issue in the URL, for example, HTTP instead of HTTPS or / instead of //, please verify your URL by running it on a browser

  • If your application is behind a firewall, you still have an option to use tunneling mechanisms to connect your application to Testsigma. To do this, first, contact your IT team and then contact Testsigma Support

For any more details on how to access local URLs via Testsigma, please contact Testsigma Support at support@testsigma.com

Remember, check your URL twice before entering it in a test step.