For Android:

- Configuring your Windows/Mac/Linux and Android device for Android Native Test Execution

- Wikipedia App installed on your device - Download Wikipedia APK

For iOS

-  Configuring your Mac and iOS device for iOS Native Test Execution

- WordPress App installed on your device - Download WordPress IPA

If you would like to avoid the above configuration, you may follow the below guide for inspecting the Application on Cloud devices pre-configured for Automation.

Using Testsigma Mobile Inspector to inspect Android/iOS Apps

We assume that you have performed the prerequisite steps. 

This means, when you type "adb devices" on your terminal or command prompt, the result returns a list of android devices. Similarly, when you run xcrun instruments -s devices on the terminal, you see a list of iOS devices. 

Using Appium Desktop is cumbersome. Testsigma makes it easy to test mobile devices with very few configurations that need to be performed. 

If your computer/machine is able to connect to your attached devices, the next step is simply to open the Testsigma Application, install the agent, and then you will be able to see the list of devices in the drop-down as shown.

Install Testsigma Agent

Have you installed the Testsigma Agent?

Please follow this link to understand and install Testsigma Agent. 

Ensure that your Agent is registered and live. 

Upload the Wordpress APK file in the uploads section.

In case you want to automate WordPress IPA iOS App, create a new iOS project and add the IPA file in the uploads section. 

Click on the UI Identifiers tab and click Record. 

Choose Local Device and choose your device from the drop down. In this case, I am using an Android device to test and hence you can observe the android device - oppo-cph1901-d0439967 in the drop down.

Click Record and you can start recording UI Identifiers for your mobile apps. 

The same applies to iOS devices. 

Check the troubleshooting section if required and contact in case of any issues.

Happy Automation!