Follow these steps to record all UI Identifiers at once for Android /iOS

You can do this either on the local Android/iOS device or on the cloud. The second option does not require the installation of Android Studio, XCode, etc. 

The only prerequisite, in this case, is the installation of the Testsigma Agent. 

Follow these steps to install the Testsigma Agent. 

Once the Testsigma Agent is installed, you are ready to go.

You need an App to test. Download your IPA/APK files from here. 

For Android:

- Wikipedia App installed on your device - Download Wikipedia APK

For iOS:

- WordPress App installed on your device - Download WordPress IPA

  • Create a new iOS / Android Project on Testsigma
  • As an example, let us create an Android/iOS testing project
  • Navigate to the upload section to upload the IPA/APK file downloaded in the previous step

  • Click on UI Identifer and then Record
  • We have the IPA/APK file , we have also installed the Testsigma Agent, that's it. We are ready to record UI Identifiers and start testing Android/  iOS apps

  • Choose the options in the above screen and click Record

Click on any element and save it by entering the element name and screen name. 

After saving the element, the UI Identifier will be saved as a list as shown below. 

Repeat the steps to record multiple UI Identifiers.