For Windows -

Sometimes post auto agent update we may face some discrepancies where after opening the start.bat file the agent screen pops up and then suddenly closes. This happens if the agent is not properly registered and the agent.UUID inside file has some conflict with the system environment. In such a case, we can consider doing a clean-up of the agent.

The clean up can be done by the following process -

1. Close the currently running agent if the agent is active.

2. Go to \Users\AppData\Roaming and delete the entire Testsigma Folder. (Please note sometimes the AppData folder may be hidden, so you need to unhide it first).

3. Once the Testsigma Folder is removed from the above-mentioned directory you can re-download the latest agent zip file from testsigma agent's page.

4. Once the download has been completed you can follow this article for further installation - Agent Installation Testsigma.