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[NLP Suggestion] Click on ui identifier with text and NLP for non-select html tag lists

Hi, It would be great to have the below NLPs:

1. Click on ui_identifier with text test data

2. Click on  ui_identifier with text  containing test data

Currently there is 'Click on element' instead of specifying ui_identifier. There could be multiple elements having same text, so it would be better to have ui_identifier specified.

Also, it would be helpful if there are NLPs to click on elements from a list, other than using NLPs of type 'select' action. There can be list items which do not use a 'Select' tag, hence NLPs of type select doesn't work in such cases.

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That does seem like a useful addition, Swetha.
I'll forward this to the Product team for discussion. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you for considering this. Looking forward for the implementation!

These NLP Statements have been implemented. You can find more details about them in the NLP Grammar page in the tool.

Note: You may need to click on the Upgrade button on the top right corner in the NLP Grammar page for the NLP Grammar list to be updated.

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